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Anti-slavery Legislation

Do you know how the new legislation will affect your business? Vania Holt Legal can help you with these new laws and policies, which are due to commence in 2021 in NSW. Certain businesses will need to submit a 'Modern Slavery Statement' on their supply chain to Border Force to comply with this new law. We can assist companies in preparing this statement.

Business and Personal Services

Vania Holt Legal are Maitland solicitors who can assist your small business or individuals in understanding the law. For example, advice on documents such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Employment Contracts. We can also assist in personal law such as family law, wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardians, estate planning and probate.


Since the time COVID-19 came to Australia, the law has moved rapidly to allow purchasers and vendors to conduct conveyancing business online to reduce the risk of transmission. You may have heard the terms ‘E-Conveyancing’ or ‘PEXA’ or 'SecureXchange' – this is the new way of doing conveyancing that the government has introduced.

Family Law

Without doubt, family law including separating or divorcing someone could be the most emotional, and costly, time of your life. We can help you navigate the family law through this time so that it is one less thing that you have to focus on.